Carpet Care

On any level, stains and spots are something bad for your home. When looking at your capret, though it is nice, the only thing you are going to notice is that pet stain. If the site of the stain is not the first to grab your intention then the smell of it will. The stain and the odor must disperse from the carpet! You cant go back in time, now you must get your carpet professionally cleaned in order to get the stain and odor out.

Pet urine is one of the worst problems you can have in your carpet. But, they can also be cleaned up if action is taken on time. Speed is the key to your problem in this situation. The padding of the carpet needs to be protected, dont let anything soak into the back of it. Some times you just can get to it. You have only two options when the stain is so secure that a steam cleanign wont fix it. The area can be treated with the water claw method or the carpet padding can be replaced.

The carpet is the least of your worries if the stain is in the padding as well. This situation calls for much more than a regular cleaning. The affects of a regular steam cleaning on this spot will not be long lasting. The padding of you carpet is showing that it is saturated. There is a lot involved in Padding replacement, avoid this and just get a water claw treatment. The water claw treatment will re-saturate your carpet with a 5-gallon mix of enzymes and deodorizer. In order for the solution to get into the padding of the carpet you will want it to set for about 15 minutes. the spot that we re-saturate will be taken care of by our special attatchement that will suck up all the moisture. The backing of your carpet will be sucked dry from the pet stain. Enzymes are saturated in carpet and padding to rid the area of urine smells. This is deffinitely a severe problem that needs a severe treatment.

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